Our services


A 3D mesh is the structural build of a 3D model consisting of polygons.

Terrain analysis (DTM / DSM)

Is a highly accurate terrain model, which allows the creation of various analyses, e.g. volume/area analysis…

3D Viewer

Is a tool that combines panoramic photos and highly accurate point cloud data and allows users to measure any object on the photo.

Leasable Areas

We conduct surveys and process documentation for rentable areas in accordance with BOMA, GIF, RICS and IPMS standards.

Photorealistic visualisation and video

We process 3D photorealistic visualisations, videos and VR visualisations of objects and interiors.

3D Printing

We are able to print a model of any object from client-supplied data or 3D scanning data.


Aerial photogrammetry by the use of UAS and its subsequent 3D model creation, orthophoto, terrain analysis…

Mine Surveying

Functions of the chief mine surveyor, mining activity authorisation, tunnel excavation management, monitoring, convergent measurements.