CAD Project
Church Broumov



Czech Republic

Time spent

1 Day on site

10 Dossier processing days


Pointcloud,  360° Photo Viewer, CAD documentation, Orthophoto


2mm Pointcloud

LOD2 CAD Documentation

The Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Broumov

We used state-of-the-art technologies and procedures, such as ground and aerial photogrammetry in combination with 3D laser scanning and classic geodetic methods, to survey the Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Broumov. Thanks to a combination of photogrammetry and laser scanning, we created highly accurate orthophoto views, making it easier for architects to design the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the building. In addition, this type of survey allowed us to survey the church building in one day with an accuracy of 2 mm without restricting its normal operation. 2D As-Built documentation was prepared from point clouds, in AutoCad, in accordance with the requirements of the National Heritage Institute. The passport contained sectional views, ground plans and views of all facades in LOD 2 (Reconstruction/Rehabilitation).

3D Model